Saturday, May 25, 2013

How I like to design.... but I can change.

Hi! So I told you in my other post how I am now a designer for this blog. I like to design blogs however they want it. But for me, there's a lot of styles I like. Here a few.
  • I like simple and sweet. Such as my siggy. The font is very simple. The picture I didn't make either.
  • I also like modern and colorful. But the only thing I dislike is when you can hardly even see the fonts and stuff.
  •  And now I'm starting to like more and more a plain white background and a fancy header and icons. Like this blog or this one. But I think it's pretty with a light background too. Just not too heavily bright. :)
  • I pretty much like the professional look, too. It gives the blog a look as if it's really advanced or something.
  • Have you ever seen a blog that looks really floppy? What do I mean by floppy? It's just very casual and everyday-style. That's pretty cool.
So there's a few designs I like, but sometimes when I see someone's blog I'm like, "Wow! That is so cool! I wonder how they made it." And then I go again on  a long hunt on how to make it like that. Different designs amuse me.  So, I'll try to accustom to what you like too!

Here I have a header>>>>>>(feel free to take it for use for your blog, just click on it to make it bigger then save)   
I want to talk about it.  Oh, by the way, if it doesn't work on your blog for a header, feel free to use it as a button as well. I just thought you could use it too. Anyways, see how it is? It is very light.  But even thought it is light, it has a beautiful design to it. Now if it were just plain and didn't have a design it would be ugly. The same way with me. I only (practically) like plain white background for blogs. Other than that, nothing really.  At least if an image has a little design, It's OK. But if just a simple plain blue, it's not the greatest. I mean, plain stuff rarely does look nice for a background for a blog if the header is really fanciful. So, really I do  like some plain, but probably when I design your blog, (hopefully!) MAYBE I might use a plain or most likely a very lightly  designed color. Again, it depends on your preference. Anyways, I've been talking for a long time now. I better go. I hope soon to be designing your blog!!! :)
~Autumn (I'll be using my siggy next time.)


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