My designs/Portfolio

This is a page where I show all the recent posters and blogs I have designed.

I designed "Fun with the dolls" she ordered the deluxe design.

The background

The button

(I couldn't find the signatures)

Dazzling design studio! (this blog)

Friendship diaries
I designed this blog that I write on with Hannah and Kassidy. 

Our signatures

 {Christmas Edition}
I designed this for Christmas

Jordy @ my doll's lives ordered the deluxe design.

Her background

The button

Jordy's signature

Celeste's signature

Fey's signature

Alanna made this doll picture for Abbey who requested:
 I would like an asian one with curly back hair that is just below the shoulder. I'd also like her to have light skin and a light blue shirt. Thank you if you can do it!!

Alanna made this for Dollygirl who filled out the request form:
what color hair you want your doll to have: dark brown
how long you want the hair: about to her shoulder blades
wavy curly or straight hair: wavy
what color shirt you want your doll to have: light pink
skin tone and eye color you want your doll to have(optional) light skin and blue-gray eyes

I made this favicon for the dollightful blog. (The actual copy is smaller.)

I made this signature for myself too use for friendship diaries. (Third picture's link).

I made this signature for Hannah too use on friendship diaries. She loves horses and she said she likes the colors green, blue and pink. So I made this. (Third picture's link)

I made this signature for friendship diaries as well, this one is Kassidy's. Kassidy said she liked the color  blue teal, Green ad red. She also said she liked pigs. So I made this signature for her.



I made this edit with a poem I wrote :)

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

You can be next!!! If you would like a design click on the Packages page. Then once you know which one you would like go into the Order her page. Enjoy!


  1. I'm really impressed! Followed you- I'll be back x

  2. How do you design all those things? Seriously...
    I wanna make some too!

    1. Thanks! I mainly use, I edit a picture but colors to clear it and make my own deign for the background. I might have tutorials or something coming soon.
      I also encourage others to start their own little business! If you do, I'll be sure to follow :)
      Thanks for the comment!
      Meg @ Dazzling Design Studio

  3. Do you think that I could have my design on here? :)

    (For Story Central)