Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sorry but do to being to busy and everything I'm closing DDS until further notice. I might up back up in a few months, it just depends on how busy I am.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I will be still taking orders here, but I've also started Sparkle Designs...under my name! Check it out here!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Toygirl02's the Winner!!!

Well, I was hosting this contest, and the winner was toygirl02, so I get to design her blog!!! I'm so excited!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

How I like to design.... but I can change.

Hi! So I told you in my other post how I am now a designer for this blog. I like to design blogs however they want it. But for me, there's a lot of styles I like. Here a few.
  • I like simple and sweet. Such as my siggy. The font is very simple. The picture I didn't make either.
  • I also like modern and colorful. But the only thing I dislike is when you can hardly even see the fonts and stuff.
  •  And now I'm starting to like more and more a plain white background and a fancy header and icons. Like this blog or this one. But I think it's pretty with a light background too. Just not too heavily bright. :)
  • I pretty much like the professional look, too. It gives the blog a look as if it's really advanced or something.
  • Have you ever seen a blog that looks really floppy? What do I mean by floppy? It's just very casual and everyday-style. That's pretty cool.
So there's a few designs I like, but sometimes when I see someone's blog I'm like, "Wow! That is so cool! I wonder how they made it." And then I go again on  a long hunt on how to make it like that. Different designs amuse me.  So, I'll try to accustom to what you like too!

Here I have a header>>>>>>(feel free to take it for use for your blog, just click on it to make it bigger then save)   
I want to talk about it.  Oh, by the way, if it doesn't work on your blog for a header, feel free to use it as a button as well. I just thought you could use it too. Anyways, see how it is? It is very light.  But even thought it is light, it has a beautiful design to it. Now if it were just plain and didn't have a design it would be ugly. The same way with me. I only (practically) like plain white background for blogs. Other than that, nothing really.  At least if an image has a little design, It's OK. But if just a simple plain blue, it's not the greatest. I mean, plain stuff rarely does look nice for a background for a blog if the header is really fanciful. So, really I do  like some plain, but probably when I design your blog, (hopefully!) MAYBE I might use a plain or most likely a very lightly  designed color. Again, it depends on your preference. Anyways, I've been talking for a long time now. I better go. I hope soon to be designing your blog!!! :)
~Autumn (I'll be using my siggy next time.)


Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi! I'm Autumn and am  a new designer here at Dazzling Design Studios. Please check out my blogs here and here!  (And possibly follow?!?!?!)  I am so excited to be a part of a designing blog! I really like to design and well, this was a perfect opportunity. Thanks Meg! So I guess I might have to do orders and whatnot. (Duh,) So, yeah, that's just me, Autumn! (I hope you don't mind I made a siggy, Meg!) And, hopefully I can do another post soon on my designing. :)


Monday, May 20, 2013

Way behind...

I'm super sorry! My computer isn't working so I couldn't make anything or post. I'll try to get back on track now (I'm using the guest laptop). I'm extremely sorry.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Story central

Hi! This is Meg. This week I was working on Lydia's package (deluxe design), and it turned out to be one of my favorite's I've ever done. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

This is the full blog.

Here's a close up of the header.

The background.

The button.

The signature.

And last but not least, the favicon


Don't forget to check out Lydia's amzing blog, with stories, reviews and more! Click here to visit.

Meg @ Dazzling Design Studio